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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Multiple teams must coordinate and work together to successfully adopt and deploy a biosimilar product. These teams consist of but may not be limited to, Pharmacy, Prescribers, Information Technology, Nursing, Educators, Drug Authorization, Drug-Patient Assistance Team, Schedulers, Financial Counselors, Inpatient vs. Outpatient Teams, etc.


  • Items to consider include changes to workflow (formulary items vs. non-formulary in order entry), pharmacy lead in product build, updates to treatment plans, prior authorization necessity, conversion of existing patients and therapy starts for new patients, order entry (single order vs. treatment plans), inventory, storage, and automatic dispensing cabinet use are just a few.

  • As with the institutional approval of any medication, biosimilars fall under the same criteria to gain approval for use in any practice. It is critical to utilize checklists that clearly outline not only the interchangeability of biosimilars to the reference products, but also, the cost savings that can be realized in the adoption of a biosimilar product. A robust checklist will produce a better and more effective rationale for the approval of a biosimilar since many approved biosimilar agents will have either the same or fewer approved indications when compared to the reference product.

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The resource library contains a variety of references, articles, and working documents to help you get the most out of a biosimilar program.
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